D:fi Extreme Quick Fix Treatment

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Hair also oxidises... like any defenceless surface exposed to open air. Hair deteriorates because of the corrosive chemical effects of free radicals, oxygen molecules altered by solar radiation and environmental pollution which attack the cuticle and weaken the hair structure. The hair loses its natural softness shine, colour and beauty. This great product moisturises, nourishes, softens, and detangles in one quick application. Smoothing the cuticle and capillary fibres, it leaves the hair with a great shine without any added weight. Phase One - (White) nourishing oils, wheat amino acids will add gloss, strength and condition. Phase Two - (Blue) grape seed, green tea and ginkgo biloba extracts provide additional conditioning and anti-oxidant properties. UVA/B filters protect from sunlight together creating this great treatment. pH balanced 2.5 - suitable for all hair types.


Shake bottle thoroughly, spray onto towel dried hair and just leave in! Instant action for a great result on all hair types.

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